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4th International Coventry Film Festival 2017.

3rd International COVENTRY LGBTQ Film Festival Saturday 14th April 2018.


The first Coventry Film Festival was in July 2014, and was a great success.


We introduced the Driver Awards and handed them out to the Best Short Film, Best Performance in a Short Film, Best Feature Film

and Best Performance in a Feature Film.

1st night winners (Left to right Jack Van Spall Best Short Film, Jack Greenhough best performance in a short film 2014.

Clare Coleman (Presenter) with Jack Greenhough Driver Award Winner 2014 for Best Performance in a short film.

Clare Coleman (Presenter)

with Darren Flaxstone and Bernie Hodges Driver Award Winners 2014 for Best Feature.

From left to right (Steven Tayler, Paul Bedder Festival Organisers. Robin Crane Film Producer. Kathy Joyce Driver Award Winner. Allen Margrett Festival Organiser. Liam Smith Film Producer).

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